How to Apply for a Military Tuition Scholarship in 2022

Tuition-Free Scholarships for Military-Connected Students are available at Fayetteville State University.
Fayetteville State University (FSU) cemented its position as the best choice for the military-connected community today by announcing the Military Tuition Scholarship 2022, which will provide free tuition to all military-connected students starting in Fall 2022.

FSU Chancellor Darrell T. Allison announced the initiative as well as the public release of a report that analyzed the university’s historic support of military-connected students, services, and performance in comparison to its peers among Historically Black Colleges and Universities at a ceremony held at Fort Bragg Army Base (HBCUs). The report, Deeds, Not Words: FSU’s Call to Serve, ranks FSU as a top supplier of education to military-connected students based on a variety of factors, including academic outcomes, curricular offerings, and return on investment (ROI).

“Fayetteville State University is thrilled to be the best location for educating military-connected students not just in North Carolina, but across the country,” stated Chancellor Allison. “In today’s ever-changing employment market, FSU is uniquely positioned here in the Sandhills region to shift the landscape on how we think about workforce readiness and how we, in higher education, can support veterans and their families in their transitions to the civilian economy.” We’re thrilled to announce the Military Tuition Scholarship 2022 (totally funded) to help individuals who have sacrificed for our country move forward in their lives.”

According to the survey, FSU is the top HBCU for educating military-connected students among four-year HBCUs nationwide, according to Evocati, a public relations and consulting organization. FSU is also recognized in the top 3% of its peers for return on investment (ROI), has the highest number of GI Bill students among HBCUs, and was the highest-ranked HBCU and University of North Carolina institution in Military Times’ 2021 Best for Vets college list.

“As part of our service to empower clients who wish to investigate, promote, and increase their influence in the military-connected community, Evocati was proud to deliver this innovative research report to FSU,” said report author LeNaya Hezel. “We believe Florida State University is the best-positioned institution in the country to educate military-connected students.” We want to start a national conversation about the historic role that historically black colleges and universities have played and will continue to play in helping this community. We’re looking forward to expanding our engagement with FSU and seeing what the future holds.”

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The analysis shows that FSU produces good academic results, provides substantial student support, and provides a quick return on investment for students. The study builds on FSU’s long history of supporting military-connected students and its dedication to America’s service members, veterans, and military families. The research also supports the university’s ongoing efforts to increase access for military-connected students.

Fayetteville State University, located just a few miles from Ft. Bragg, the world’s biggest military station, provides highly flexible degree programs at a reasonable price. “Military veterans are diverse professionals with unique talents and experiences, making them excellent contributions to any organization or community,” Fort Bragg Garrison Commander Col. Scott Pence stated. “Service men and their families can earn a degree or certification on their own terms thanks to Fayetteville State University’s inexpensive and flexible degree programs and the Military Tuition Scholarship.” Fort Bragg appreciates the cooperation of area colleges and institutions in allowing service members and their families to complete their education.”

FSU offers a wide range of professional credentials that open access to high-paying, influential government employment and opportunities, in addition to connecting fellow students through its Student Veterans’ Center and providing dedicated staff and program space for military-connected students.

These activities will be announced at a later date.

When: Wednesday, February 3, 2022, 10:00 a.m.

Where: Army Base Ft. Bragg

Why: Announcement of a Special Military Scholarship and Rankings

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Fayetteville State University is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Fayetteville State University, founded in 1867, is a constituent institution of The University of North Carolina System and the state’s second-oldest public institution of higher education. FSU is a historically black university with undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees to offer. Fayetteville State University is one of the most diversified universities in the country, with over 6,700 students. here is the link to the official website

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