How to Apply for the Future of Europe Scholarship in Germany in 2022

Apply to the Hertie School of Governance in Germany for the Future of Europe Scholarship 2022. The Future of Europe Scholarship is for future policymakers and leaders who will examine and respond to current and future challenges on the Continent in a global environment. Leaders who are passionate about European cooperation and want to pursue careers in European issues are eligible for the scholarship.

The Hertie School offers many scholarship prizes to meritorious applicants as part of its commitment to attracting the best students from throughout the world. To do this, the school offers financial assistance to students in the form of financial aid and scholarships, as well as other funding alternatives.

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Aside from this award, although Hertie School is unable to offer tuition exemptions to all qualified applicants, financial help is distributed to qualified applicants based on an internal ranking system. Tuition waivers, ranging from 10% to 50% of tuition fees, are the most common form of financial aid.

Scholarship for the Future of Europe

Those who are chosen for the Future of Europe Scholarship 2022 will be eligible for a number of perks, including:

This grant is for students pursuing a Master of Public Policy or Master of International Affairs degree.

All nationalities are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

For the academic year 2021, one full scholarship worth 34,500 euros is available.


At the Hertie School, tuition for the two-year MPP and MIA programs is presently 34,500 euros (8,625 euros per semester).

a deposit for tuition

To guarantee a spot in the incoming class, a non-refundable tuition deposit of 1,500 euros is necessary (MPP and MIA).

This payment is included in the first semester’s tuition.

Because admission is granted on a rolling basis, the tuition deposit payment deadline changes depending on the date of each candidate’s application.

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Candidates will be informed of this deadline when they get their acceptance letter, as well as a Study Agreement Form, which must be submitted along with the tuition deposit.

Typically, candidates will be notified of their acceptance six weeks before the tuition money and Study Agreement Form are due.

Doctoral Degree Programs

For its PhD programs, the Hertie School does not charge tuition.

PhD researchers pay a semester-long campus charge of 288.80 euros, which includes the Studierendenwerk and the BVG ticket (public transport).

Other Charges

Fee for STW

As a contribution to the studierendenWERK BERLIN, students must pay the STW charge, which is 95,00 euros per semester.

Fee for BVG

The semester cost of a Berlin public transportation ticket is presently 193.80 euros. In subsequent semesters, the ticket price may increase somewhat. Part-time Executive MPA students are not eligible for a public transportation ticket.

Fee for administrative services

Students can take a one-year break from their MPP or MIA program after their first year of study if their academic goals are not jeopardized. The Examination Office must receive a leave of absence request from students. To compensate the additional expenditures incurred as a result of the leave of absence, a one-time administrative fee of 600 euros is imposed.

Students who prolong their studies beyond the usual 24-month period owing to a failed assignment or examination will be assessed a semester fee of 500 euros to compensate the additional costs. This charge is waived for students who extend their studies owing to illness, pregnancy, or caregiving obligations (childcare, family illness).

Who is it intended for?

Applicants who have exhibited an academic or professional interest in European cooperation and intend to pursue a degree in public policy or international affairs.

How to Apply for the Scholarship for the Future of Europe in 2022

To begin, fill out a regular application for the MPP or MIA program.

In addition, write a small essay answering one of the following questions:

Is the “Next Generation EU” package likely to pave the way for a European fiscal union?

In December 2020, the European External Action Service celebrated its tenth anniversary. Which issues was EU external action designed to address, and how do you rate its performance?

Is it possible to lower the EU’s democratic deficit by improving bureaucratic responsiveness?

After submitting a conventional application, send the additional essay to The essay should be no more than two pages long.

Before the 1st of February, interested applicants should submit their applications and motivation statements. Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted for an interview.

Now is the time to apply.