How to Apply for the Nahom Berhane Scholarship for Leadership and Inclusion in 2022

The Nahom Berhane Scholarship 2022 for Leadership and Inclusion honors children in the Greater Toronto Area who have demonstrated volunteerism, community service, and leadership. The scholarship can be used at any accredited institution (college, university, accredited trade schools, or certificate programs) at any level of post-secondary education.

Applicants must be enrolled or in the process of enrolling in a Canadian college, university, or institute of technology.

Full-time enrollment in a trade school or other institution for the upcoming year (as defined by the school).

The Scholarship will be provided directly to the university to assist in lowering the cost of registration.

$3,000 is the maximum amount. It is necessary to submit an application. Learn more about the top 7 finest European road trip destinations for this summer.

1) The candidate must meet the following requirements:

Be sponsored by a Mentor who will provide a letter of recommendation and commit to helping the applicant for at least one year in their educational endeavors.

one calendar year;

Be enrolled or in the process of enrolling full-time (as defined by the school) in a Canadian college, university, trades school, or other institution for the upcoming year;

Obtain a signed Memorandum of Understanding from the Mentor/Mentor.

a commitment by the sponsoring organization to serve as a mentor to the candidate for the period of the scholarship;

On December 31, 2022, be 30 years old or younger;

Have spent at least two years in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area – see map);

Be enrolled in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree, diploma, license, or certificate. Those who have finished a first-degree diploma in an overseas program are not eligible for this scholarship; those who have achieved a second-degree diploma in an overseas program are not eligible for this scholarship.

Have a track record of volunteerism, community involvement, and community leadership;

You must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residence status in Canada, or be in the process of doing so. (Applicants who have been granted permission by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada))

They can apply if they have a visa that allows them to study at a post-secondary institution in Canada. A copy of your IRCC application will be requested.)

2) Applicants that meet the following criteria will be given priority:

Demonstrate that you have a financial necessity.

Are African-American youth on the rise?

Are from families with only one parent

Are from immigrant families

Are from immigrant households that are first or second generation?

The Scholarship Policies and Procedures stated in this article must be followed by all applicants.

Applicants must submit their Scholarship application on or before the application deadline.

The Scholarship Selection Committee has set a deadline.

Any actual or perceived conflict of interest must be disclosed by the applicant. This could involve people of your family or friends.

members of the Nahom Berhane family and relatives of Access Alliance MHCS staff and/or board members

Steering Committee for a Scholarship Fund, Fundraising Committee, or Application Reviewing Committee

2) Selection of Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship recipients will be chosen and notified by the Scholarship Selection Committee via phone, e-mail, or mail.

On or before May 30, 2022, the committee will convene.

3) Announcement of a scholarship

The recipients of the award must attend the official presentation of the scholarship as a condition of receiving it. The date will be revealed later.

4) Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

Prior to the start of the school year, scholarship recipients will have the value of their scholarship credited immediately to their school fees.

the beginning of the school year The funds are conditional on confirmation of enrollment in the program.

Academic year 2022/23. If there is money left over from the scholarship after paying the registration fees, those funds will be used.

The money will be delayed to the following semester unless the applicant specifies otherwise.

Costs of books and materials

Scholarship recipients are urged to provide a tribute on how the scholarship impacted their lives.

in their academic and personal paths

Scholarship awardees must produce one update message (maximum of 500 words) that addresses the following topics.

At the end of the semester/program, they will report on their progress.

Recipients have the option of deferring or interrupting their enrollment at an Approved School for up to one year.

On a single occasion, you can study for up to a year. The Scholarship will be reinstated if the following criteria are met.

re-admission to an Approved Institution After a one-year deferral, recipients who do not return to school

Anyone who drop out of school/program, the remainder of the Scholarship will be forfeited.

Scholarship recipients who are not accepted to a post-secondary university either drop out or discontinue their studies.

If they drop classes, their scholarship may be postponed or revoked.

5) Nahom Berhane Scholarship 2022 Terms & Conditions:

Access Alliance MHCS reserves the right to change, revise, or discontinue the Nahom program at any time.

Berhane Scholarship for Leadership and Inclusion (the “Scholarship”) may be changed or terminated at any time and without notice.

deliberate on all matters relating to the awarding of Scholarships, as well as the administration of the terms and conditions.

Scholarship terms and conditions

By submitting an application, the applicant gives Access Alliance MHCS, the Scholarship Review Committee, permission to contact them.

Committees and their representatives to gather, use, preserve, and confirm information about the project.

The applicant gave information (including references) to those who needed to know on the application.

For the objectives of running and advertising the Program, information is collected. The Selection Committee will make its decision.

Use the data solely for the purpose of assessing the Application.

All recipients will be required to sign a Declaration and Release that gives Access Alliance permission to use their information.

MHCS has permission to use the Recipient’s name, city, and province of residence, as well as their photograph, without further permission.

pay for any publicity that Access Alliance MHCS may do in connection with the Program.

Access Alliance MHCS reserves the right to terminate a scholarship at any moment for any reason.

Access Alliance MHCS, in its sole judgment, finds inappropriate behavior on the part of the Recipient

improper, including but not limited to any workplace misconduct that could lead to termination

“For a good reason.”

All Scholarship Recipients must educate themselves on the tax implications of earning the Scholarship.

6) Nahom Berhane Scholarship 2022 Deadline and Instructions

By 5 p.m. on March 31, 2022, all applications and supporting documentation must be submitted.

by filling out our online submission form. After the deadline, no applications will be accepted.

Forms and Documents Needed to Submit an Application:

To apply immediately, go to “Electronic Application Form”:

Sponsorship Letter & Agreement for Mentorship (Appendix A)

Template for budgeting (Appendix B)