In France, apply for Lebesgue Master Scholarships 2022.

The Lebesgue master scholarships 2022 in France are now accepting applications for the academic year 2022-2023. The M2 scholarship is open to students in their second year of mathematical studies. The M1 grant is available to first-year master’s program students.

The Henri Lebesgue master’s program provides comprehensive instruction in both fundamental and applied mathematics. Each year, a diverse selection of courses with a diverse set of complements are offered, spanning a broad spectrum of today’s mathematics.

The Henri Lebesgue Center, in collaboration with Ambition Lebesgue Loire and the Fondation de Rennes 1, awards outstanding scholarships to students pursuing fundamental and applied mathematics.

The scholarship is worth a total of 10.000€ for the academic year (Sept 1st to August 31st). The scholarship will be paid out on a monthly basis from September through June. Unless the lab decides to pay internship gratification, the scholarship includes it. Students should seek additional information from their instructors and the admissions office. Also, discover more about the work and development permit process and how to apply right now.

In the context of the project Ambition Lebesgue Loire, the jury may award one or two grants for applications to Nantes University’s first master’s program (M1). Only applications from international colleges will be considered for these M1 scholarships, which will be offered for the second year of the master’s program after a re-examination of the student grades by the jury at the end of the M1.

From November 1st to March 1st, applications are accepted. In April, the results of the selection process are modified.

The scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other form of compensation.

Fill out an application for an M2 scholarship.

Fill out an application for an M1 scholarship.


Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. should take advantage of this chance.

For a year, students will receive 10,000 Euros.

The scholarship will be paid out in monthly installments.

Students who are eligible for an M1 scholarship at Nantes University may be eligible for one or more fellowships from the Ambition Lebesgue Loire. This fellowship will only be offered to international students.

After a jury examination, the Ambition Lebesgue fellowship may be renewed for the second year of the master’s program.


The Lebesgue Master Scholarships 2022 are given to students enrolled in the second year of our master’s program in fundamental mathematics in Rennes-Brest, or in the fundamental and applied mathematics programs in Nantes-Angers-Vannes. The transcripts’ academic quality, motivation, and recommendation letters will all be considered in the selection process.

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All students who have finished the first year of a master’s degree in mathematics before the conclusion of the current academic year are eligible for the M2 scholarships. Female applications, as well as ones from other countries, would be especially welcomed.

The application for the Lebesgue scholarship is separate from the application for Master’s programs. The latter’s terms and conditions are listed on the dedicated webpages.

Student information for international students

In November, international students should check the Campus France website. The Etudes en France procedure, which had to be completed independently by the student on top of the application on the Lebesgue website, is now being used in 51 countries. Both procedures must be completed. For further information, visit the Campus France website. Be aware that the campusfrance application deadlines are substantially earlier than the Lebesgue scholarship dates.


A research Internship at the Lebesgue Center is open to any student. This internship at the Lebesgue Center is highly recommended for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D.

Official webpage for the scholarship Fill out an application at the Henri Lebesgue Center.