Scholarships Without IELTS at Hamburg University in 2022 | German University Scholarships

Acceptance to German Hamburg University scholarships without IELTS 2022 for the 2022-2023 group. The University of Hamburg, one of Germany’s most prestigious universities, has announced a number of fully/partially financed scholarships for German and international students.

Applications for the 2023 intake session in Hamburg are now being accepted. Examine the eligibility criteria, as well as the list of required papers, and apply before the deadline to avoid any delays in the application process, as described in this article.

This century-old German institution has generated a slew of well-known professors and young researchers who have aided society in every manner possible. On the other hand, Hamburg University is doing an outstanding job in the sphere of education by awarding lucrative scholarships to students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in a variety of subjects. Students have access to over 170-course programs in which they can enroll without paying any tuition fees.

The following is a list of course fields offered by Hamburg University:

For example, motivated students have a choice of possibilities for pursuing higher education and making their aspirations a reality:


Administration of Business


Movement of Humans


Science of the Natural World





Hamburg University Scholarships Without IELTS Funding Plan:

The selected individuals will receive a deluge of applause and important scholarship perks. These kids will benefit from academic funding at every stage of their education.

Stipends ranging from €850 to €1,200 per month

€154 supplemental allowance for the child

Coverage of travel expenses

Funding for study materials, research, and books

Funding for abroad trips from the government and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Opportunities for young researchers to advance their careers

Expenses of Living

Language courses, internships, and technical training are all available for free.

A completely sponsored mini-study tour in another country

Health-care coverage

The cost of German course coverage

University of Hamburg IELTS Requirement: Optional

An candidate must have IELTS or CPE, TOEFL, CEFR B2+, or CAE in order to apply for admission to Hamburg University. So, if an IELTS alternative certificate is available, applicants can technically apply for admission to Hamburg University without taking the IELTS exam.

Hamburg University’s English Language Requirement:

Because it is a German university, the majority of the courses are taught in German. But don’t worry; English is also used as a medium of instruction in several of the University of Hamburg’s courses. As a result, the course programs here are taught in either English or German, or both languages.

Requirements for Language Proficiency at Hamburg University:

Students must meet the language competency criteria set forth by the University of Hamburg, regardless of the degree they are pursuing (undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate). Applicants must present German language certifications and language test scores to demonstrate their ability to speak and understand German.

Scholarships from the German Government in 2022-2023 | When and How to Apply

Hamburg University, on the other hand, requested English language test scores, such as IELTS and TOEFL, in order to assess students’ English language abilities. The IELTS and TOEFL are the most widely accepted tests for evaluating applicants’ English abilities.

The University of Hamburg accepts the following language tests and certificates:

Hamburg University has released a list of language certificates and tests that are particularly acceptable for determining the language proficiency of applicants for specific degree programs.



C1 / C2 TELC language certificates

The Standing Conference’s Level II German language certificate

To demonstrate German language proficiency, take the DSH-2 or DSH-3 exam.


Certificate of advanced German language skills (Goethe-Zertifikat)

Second German language test

Diploma in German Language and Literature from Austria

Level III or IV UNIcert German language certificates

Hamburg University has an 18% acceptance rate.

Due to the low acceptance rate of 18%, gaining admission to the University of Hamburg is a difficult task. As a result, in order to be considered for this school, aspirants must buckle down and put in as much effort as possible.

Hamburg University Admission Application Fees: Euro 75

Candidates applying for admission to the prestigious Hamburg University are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of Euro 75 in order for their application to be considered.

Eligibility for the Hamburg University Scholarships is based on the following criteria:

Candidates must check the following criteria to meet the eligibility requirements for Hamburg University scholarships:

The candidates must not be citizens of Germany.

While applying for the scholarships, candidates must be enrolled in the applicable degree program for at least two semesters.

Applicants must not be eligible for the Federal Student Loan Program.

Academic Performance That Is Both Good and Satisfactory

To be eligible for the award, students must adhere to the financial requirements.

Students must be able to stay in Hamburg for the duration of their funding.

Hamburg University offers a number of notable scholarships:

As previously stated, the University of Hamburg believes in providing education to all people, regardless of nationality or financial situation. The following Hamburg University Scholarships are available to students participating in numerous degree programs such as Undergrad, Grad, Postgrad, or Research.

Merit Scholarships at Hamburg University

Scholarships from the State Graduate Funding Program

The Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte has offered me a fellowship.

Fellowships Aby Warburg

Scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service

Erasmus Mundus is an international exchange program.

Scholarships for Doctoral Students

Program Hilde Domin

Scholarships at the Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law

Grants and Scholarships for Degree Completion

Germany’s Biggest Scholarships

Funding Program for Hamberglobal

The Hamburg University Admissions Process is as follows:

The application process for the prestigious Hamburg University is entirely online.

In order to apply for admission to the preferred degree program, prospective applicants must first log in to the official website and apply for admission to Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., or Research Programs.

Create an applicant account and use it to fill out the form’s required fields.

The applicant’s account login and password, on the other hand, will be mailed to the pupils.

After that, begin filling in the required information, such as nationality, further education, and so on.

When you’ve finished filling out the form, click “apply” to receive your application number. This number will be used to track the application’s progress and status.

Finally, review the application summary and, if everything looks good, click “Submit” to send the application to the appropriate authorities.

Get a printout of your online application as well. Send the above-mentioned documents to the application’s address. There are no printed documents required while applying for Undergraduate programs. Only use the online application to upload them.

Candidates can now apply for Hamburg’s scholarship programs after being accepted into their chosen field.

Documents required for the Hamburg University Scholarships without IELTS application:

The following is a list of documents that must be submitted when applying for scholarships at Hamburg University:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) (CV)

Scholarship Motivation Letter

Certificates & Transcripts from Colleges & Universities

Scores on German and English language tests, diplomas, and certificates

Certificates of Higher Qualification for Undergraduates

Final certificates will be submitted by master’s and doctoral candidates.

Professors’ evaluation forms, both senior and junior

Study Plan or Research Proposal The documents must be saved in PDF format.

As proof, bank statements

Status of Residency

Proof of social and intercultural activity

Hamburg University’s application deadlines are as follows:

All applicants must submit an Admission Application to the Hamburg University Admissions Office by the following deadlines:

For the Summer semester, December 1st to January 15th are the dates to remember.

For the Winter semester, the dates are June 1st through July 15th.

June 15th to July 31st for Master’s degree (International)